The practical man, he know how,
the theoretical man, he know why.
The ideal is know how and why


Develop macros is very funny for me, I hope for you too. I've been a autodidact developer the last 20 years old. This notes are what I've learned in this time. I hope too, you not need many years to learn the same that me, with this documentation.

For all examples, I used LibreOffice Still, in this moment 6.1.5

If you have any question with this matter, please, used our forum for ask.

You can pay for custom support too, write to me for this.
mauriciobaeza AT pm DOT me

I try limit screenshots, you should be able to follow this documentation without this.

In LibreOffice, we can develop macros in different programming languages, such as: Python, Basic, JavaScript, BeanShell. If your have never develop, I strongly recommended you, learn first Python. If you know some language, but not Python, I recommended you learn Python now.

Yo can used this document like reference, first I show an example, and next I explain it with more details.